Personal Brand building is becoming increasingly important in our online and connect world. Getting strategic about presenting your authentic personal brand is a great way to ensure you are consistently communicating your unique value to the world. Our Personal Branding follows a similar process to our Brand Discovery + Build (LITE), but with an emphasis on who you are as a person, your authentic character, and points of differentiation.

Our Personal Branding service includes discovery consultation sessions followed by a document outlining the key themes, messages, and components of your personal brand. Our Personal Branding service will help you get more clear about who you are, what you want to share, and how to present yourself clearly to your audience. This service is beneficial to anyone in a leadership or public role and/or someone who has a strong online presence.

Time Frame: 1-2 months

Key deliverables:

  • Three 1.5 hour Brand Discovery sessions

  • Personal Brand and Key Message document