Client Case Study: Brand Build, Visual Identity, and Brand Blueprint with Therapeutic Massage Kneads

Back in the spring we were fortunate to begin a Brand Build and Visual Identity refresh with a wonderful client in Calgary, AB. Lindsay, the Founder and Owner of Therapeutic Massage Kneads came to us looking to create something fresh for her successful 13-year-old brand. Therapeutic Massage Kneads, or TMK as it's sometimes referred to, is located in north east Calgary and has a strong, loyal client base. What we love about this company is their dedication to treating clients through a well-rounded approach, and offering learning opportunities along the way. 

It’s an honour that our patients trust us with their personal space. We don’t take this responsibility lightly.
— Therapeutic Massage Kneads

Here are a few things we got to work on with TMK:

[1] Brand Discovery and Build

No Brand Build is complete without a thorough Brand Discovery — it just wouldn't make for an effective, well-rounded brand. We took Lindsay through four deep dive sessions over two days where we asked all the right questions to uncover her unique narrative, brand, and positioning.


We quickly discovered that TMK's approach to massage and client care was different — they invest a significant amount of energy to ensure that each client walks away with a good understanding of their muscles and (when needed) a recovery plan. It was evident that their focus on knowledge-sharing needed to be highlighted in their new brand and any communication thereafter. 


As with most clients, the complete Brand Build resulted in a 90-page Brand Guide booklet that encompassed every aspect of the TMK brand. The Brand Guide provides Lindsay and her team with foundational brand elements like a mission, vision, and value proposition, as well as key communication pieces, social media guidance, and a social impact focus. 

[2] Visual Identity

Following the Brand Discovery and alongside the Brand Build, we worked with Edmonton-based graphic design, Alexandra Decotes to bring the TMK brand to life through visual elements like primary and secondary logos, typography, a colour palette, and a pattern. Alex did a beautiful job highlighting what makes TMK special through the thoughtfully chosen visuals and calming range of colours.

[3] Brand Blueprint

For TMK, the Brand Blueprint stage of our project focused on a website audit and recommendations (already beautifully implemented we might add!) and a social media guide for the TMK team.

During this stage we helped TMK curate ides and strategies that could be easily implemented themselves as a more cost-effective solution for executing on the brand. 


We are incredibly proud of our work with TMK and we think the results speak for themselves. Nothing makes us happier or is more rewarding than to see a client take their new brand and run with it, implementing it into every pocket of their business.

We can't wait to see TMK thrive even more, and we wish them all the success as they grow their new brand.



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