Brand MVP — 7 Alberta-based Brands Who Are Killing It Right Now

Every day we are exposed to hundreds of brands and their messages. It’s impossible for us to take it all in and even more so to remember what we’ve seen, heard, or read. It’s that brands who go the extra mile to differentiate themselves that stick in our mind, and so we feel compelled to give props to a few Alberta-based brands we feel are doing an exceptional job of standing out, and keeping things interesting and engaging.

Last year we put out this list and received such positive feedback we just had to do it again! Without further adieu, and in no particular order, here are 7 Alberta-based brands we think are killing it right now:


Glass Bookshop

Glass Bookshop is an up and coming brick and mortar bookshop in Edmonton, founded by Jason Purcell and Matthew Stepanic. The Glass Bookshop is focussed on Canadian writing, with special attention paid to LGBTQ2SIA and IBPOC writers, and the independent publishers that help to produce their work.

What stood out to us the most about this brand was its crystal clear vision – to give a voice to minority writers who have been silenced in the past and to provide a local literary hub for Edmontonians to showcase and discuss literary works. We can’t wait to see this brand come to life!

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Gus Sloan

Gus Sloan is an Edmonton-based company that creates custom jumpsuits for women of all shapes, sizes, and styles. Lauren Dary, the owner of Gus Sloan, created the company on the premise of self-love and empowerment, knowing how difficult it can be to live in a woman’s body in our society.

What immediately stood out to us about this brand was Lauren’s unique story. Lauren’s dedicated intention behind the brand was to always design and create with women in mind — women’s bodies, women’s changing shape, women’s abundance of daily duties, women’s desire for confidence and comfort, and women’s need for versatility and quality garments that last. Each Gus Sloan LBJ is hand-sewn and crafted with care all right here in Edmonton!

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Glasses Half Full

Glasses Half Full is a local Edmonton optometry and eyewear company that was founded on the belief that optometry should be more interactive, convenient, and personalized than ever before.

This brand immediately stood out to us because of the unique experience that they provide to their customers. Glasses Half Full personalizes their services, leaving each and every customer with a friendly, hands-on, and customized experience. They also have a fantastic social impact program that provides their partner NGO with funds to cover the material cost of one pair of glasses to someone in need with each pair of glasses that Glasses Half Full sells! Live in the Edmonton Area and are in need of some new lenses? Check these guys out on 124 Street!

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Dose Coffee

Dose Coffee is a local Red Deer coffee shop known for its clean aesthetic, inviting space, and ethical coffee.

What we love most about the brand is its beauty, simplicity, and consistency through all mediums. Whether you are looking at their website, social media accounts, or are actually in the shop sipping your coffee, Dose delivers a steady, unwavering local colour that customers can latch on to and trust. Next time you find yourself in Red Deer, we definitely recommend checking out one of their two beautiful locations!

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Yama Nomad

Yama Nomad is a Rockies-based rental campervan company with a mission to provide the most thoughtfully designed tools to empower people to live more freely. They encourage customers to use Yama Nomad campervans to create their own adventures and live outside of convention.   

One of the things that initially drew us to Yama Nomad was that the company challenges societal norms. The brand encourages its customers to live their own lifestyle that is raw, free, and entirely unique to them. More than that, they are encouraging our technology-based society to move outdoors and get back in touch with nature. We can’t wait to see the incredible adventure stories that emerge from this brand this summer!

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Luke’s Drug Mart

Luke’s Drug Mart is the oldest independent pharmacy in Calgary, Alberta. The company has been passed down through three generations and is completely family-owned and operated, offering warmth and community to its customers.

The thing that we love most about Luke’s Drug Mart is that they embrace their brand’s story and history. On their website, they run audiences through the entire history of the company, from its establishment in 1951 to its day-to-day operations in 2018. In this way, customers become immersed in the story behind the brand while also personally getting to know the family behind the company. Luke’s is a great example of how vintage brands can effectively embrace their history while strategically weaving a present-day narrative.

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Core Elements

Core Elements is a small Lethbridge-based private clinic specializing in counselling, yoga, and massage, bringing balance and peace to their clients through a holistic approach to mental health and overall well-being.

We were intrigued by this brand’s unique approach to wellness and healing as they bring yoga and counselling services together, holistically under one roof. Core Elements creates a warm, non-judgemental environment for their clients by balancing the three therapeutic mediums of counselling, yoga, and massage under one roof. We love this innovative, collaborative concept that is so needed right now!

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Do you have a favourite Alberta-based brand that you think we missed? Tell us about it in the comments below.