Brand Defined: Why Brand Should Be Important To Every Business

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What is Brand?

When most people think of a company’s “brand” their minds immediately shift to the visual identity of a company — logos, colours, fonts — all the visual elements one might associate with a company. Branding is actually so much more than a well-crafted logo, colour scheme, or typeface.


A brand is comprised of the tangible and intangible elements that make up who your company is at its core, why it exists, and what it hopes to become. In essence, your brand should answer the big “why” questions. Your brand should be representative of your company’s identity and purpose. A thriving brand is one that easily communicates your company’s vision, mission, values, and beliefs, and showcases them through every action your company takes.


Your brand is what your audience thinks of when they hear your company’s name, and acts as a promise to your customer. It tells them what they can expect from your products or services, and it distinguishes you from your competition. Branding helps position your company in the market and in the minds of your audience. It acts as a differentiator to set you apart in a world where your consumer is bombarded with communication and advertisements.


How Can Brand Help Your Business?

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As a business owner, it’s crucial to build an authentic and thriving brand that communicates your company’s mission and purpose. Here’s just a few reasons why:


[1] People Will Remember You

Everyday we are blasted with thousands of messages through online and offline channels. It’s impossible for our brains to process, categorize, and remember everything we see or hear in a day. Having a strong brand helps make your company memorable. It distinguishes your business in the minds of your consumer, and creates an understanding of your company’s unique brand proposition. In addition to building a strong brand, creating exceptional, unique, and positive brand experiences for your audience will further enhance your brand’s recognition.  


[2] You Will Build Brand Loyalty

Establishing yourself as a purpose-forward brand creates an emotional connection between your brand and your audience, which increases brand loyalty.  When your brand effectively communicates your company’s beliefs, purpose, and values, customers are more likely to listen, engage, and purchase your products or services. In a market where brand loyalty is one of the biggest challenges for a company, ensuring your brand takes the proper steps and invests the right resources in building consumer trust and retention will pay off in dividends.


[3] With a Strong Brand Comes Financial Gain

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The greater effort an organization puts in to creating a healthy and thriving brand, the greater the financial return — but make no mistake, branding is a long-term strategy that doesn’t happen overnight. When your brand leaves an impression on your audience and delivers an authentic and memorable experience to them, they will not only come back for more, but they will also invite their friends to join them. Moreover, it will keep your brand top-of-mind whenever your consumer is faced with a purchasing choice.


Making your company’s brand a priority pays off. It helps guide your corporate decision making, informs your customers about who you are and what you stand for, and builds brand recognition and loyalty. While it’s a long-term process that can take years to build, refine, and refresh, it’s certainly one that always pays off.


Are you ready to start crafting an extraordinary brand?